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Trichology is the branch of medical and cosmetic study and practice concerned with the hair and scalp, and these days it is increasingly in demand. According to Rory Plumridge, a leading trichologist at Clive Hair Clinic, more and more Kiwi men and even women are losing hair and going bald – and “work hard, play hard” lifestyles might be to blame. Stress stimulates the release of the hormone testosterone, causing hair follicles to collapse in people genetically predisposed to baldness. If hair loss is troubling you talk to a qualified trichologist, such as those at Clive Clinics, specialising in men’s and women’s hair loss treatment and restoration.) Continue reading


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Treating Hair Loss

It was 1964 and I had been consulting with Clive Hair Clinics for nearly a year, when my first female patient walked in complaining about losing her hair.

I was literally gob smacked – hair loss was a man’s domain only, in those days. Since then the number of women suffering ‘Female Pattern Thinning’ (FPT) has increased exponentially, to the stage where women presenting at Clive’s Clinics with hair loss problems are, in some months, exceeding the number of men. Continue reading

Managing hair loss

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Managing Hair Loss

Androgenetic alopecia, also known as loss of hair, has been worrying mankind for nearly two and a half thousand years. At that time Hippocrates – ‘the father of medicine’ – was concerned enough about baldness to note ‘bald scalps bled little and took a long time to heal compared with healthy scalps which bled profusely and healed rapidly’. Ergo: ‘A lack of blood was the cause of baldness’. This resulted in a proliferation of ‘cures’ for baldness, all designed to increase blood circulation (vasodilators), such as one of the favourites of the day ‘ a poultice of hippopotamus fat and pigeons droppings left on the bald head overnight to heat up the skin, helping hair to grow’. Continue reading

Kiwi Pates in a Sorry State

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Kiwi Pates in a Sorry State
Baldness is on the rise and experts say the likely cause is stress. Amanda Cameron reports.
KIWI MEN and women are going bald in increasing numbers — and experts are blaming today’s fast-paced ‘‘workhard- play-hard’’ lifestyles. Hair loss treatment and restoration service Clive Hair Clinics has around 50 per cent more clients seeking hair loss treatments now compared with five to 10 years ago. The number of women seeking hair loss treatment has also been particularly noticeable, with women making up nearly 40 per cent of clients. Continue reading