Kankho Stimulants

Kankho based hair stimulants with enzyme blockers

Kankho 100 Stimulant

Kankho 200

Kankho 400

Kankho 600

Kankho 1000

All five products contain effective levels of azeleic acid, zinc sulphate and vitamin B6. The levels used were found to be the most effective for topically blocking enzyme activity as published in the British Journal of Dermatology (1988) 119, 627-632. A level of up to 90% inhibition of 5 alpha reductase was obtained in human skin!).

SF Alpha 5 Kankho products also contain varying levels of the ingredient Takanal, quoted in “Amazing Medicines the Drug Companies Don’t Want You To Discover” (1995:209) ‘Takanal demonstrated in a clinical study, 92% effectiveness in growing downy and eventually, coarser hair’.

Kankho products – like all products in the SFAlpha 5 range, contain no drugs, have no detrimental side effects and can be used by both men and woman who have thinning hair.

Results are improved when ProAnagen is taken in conjunction – helping to decrease 5 Alpha reductase enzyme activity internally as well. Home Treatment Formulae (HRT) works more efficiently if SFAlpha 5 products are used along with ProAnagen.


Takanal was first used at cosmetic quantities in an alcohol based product called Aknal. It was used extensively from the late 1960′s and was noticed to improve hair length and strength.

The British Journal of Dermatology’s publication of the final testing (after eight years of trials) gave the ingredients needed to decrease 5 alpha reductase enzyme activity by up to 90%. These ingredients were added to Aknal in 1990 and named Kankho Stimulant, resulting in improved results being noticed by Clive clients.

Experiments were being conducted during the 90′s in Japan and America using ‘medicinal strengths’ of Takanal increased by 200% and 400%. Clive Clinics in 1996 manufactured Liquid Anagen with 400% increase in Takanal. A water base was used to decrease any possible burning. This product is still very popular with clients who have a low tolerance to alcohol.

In 1997 the water based Liquid Anagen was trialed with the original alcohol formulae, resulting in Kankho 400. This has proven to be a very strong selling product, with excellent results noticed by over 75% of users.

A simple formula, Maxinol, has been in use since 1998 with a 600% increase in Takanal. Used mainly for spots of hair loss (Alopecia Areata, temple recession and small balding crownal loss). Results were very encouraging and no side effects were noticed so in 2001, Kankho 600 was launched, aiming at clients having slow results.

At the same time Kankho 600 has filled the gap for clients who achieved excellent results but want a fairly strong product to keep results moving.

By popular demand we have been trialing Kankho1000 – with very pleasing results in increased hair length and diameter; also often some return of hair colour.

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ProAnagen is a dietary supplement containing extracts of the herb saw palmetto (Serenoa serrulata) shown in laboratory tests inhibit the 5 alpha reductase enzyme more effecitvely than the drug Finesteride (used at 5mg in Proscar® and 1 mg in Propecia®).
Practical tests recorded in the British Journal of Pharmacology 1984 found Saw Palmetto to be more effective than Proscar on men with prostrate problems – a similar causative disorder as pattern baldness.
Saw Palmetto has no harmful effects on males or females; it will not upset male sex-life – libido or ejaculate and does not have to be stopped months before fathering a child.
Zinc picolinate and Pyridoxine (B6), (also harmless), are very beneficial in this enzyme block as well – Journal of Steroid Bio-chemistry and the Vitamin Bible.
Used in conjunction with an external enzyme blocker and especially HFT, results are positive in the majority of cases.

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