Our Treatments

Clive Clinics has been providing trusted treatments to our clients for over 50 years. A core difference in our treatments from most other hair clinics is that our treatments are non-drug and provide natural alternatives to the widely available prescription drugs which have an equally wide range of possible side effects.

Instead of effecting hormones or other bodily functions, Clive Hair Clinics has perfected a range of Products and Treatments that react only with enzymes that convert hormones into genetic messengers of cell destruction. This novel method has no effect on the hormones; it only blocks the hair root and follicle cells from stopping their production.

At Clive Clinics we can customise a natural non-drug course of treatment without the possible nasty side effects of prescription drug therapies for hair loss. Our treatments work on fighting both the genetic and internal factors that cause hair loss and baldness as well as helping stimulate hair growth and improve the circulation to the affected area.

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