Personalised Programmes

At Clive Hair Clinics we recognise that every person is unique and as such each person suffers from their own personal hair loss dilemma. We endeavour to consult with you to find out more about you personally and diagnose the causes or factors that may be causing or escalating your hair loss.

Initially we recommend you book a one on one consultation with our Clive Clinic’s Tricholologist (specialist in hair and scalp disorders) will conduct a microscopic analysis on your hair. Our Trichologist will also get to know your personal history and will ask you questions about your relevant medical history.

Our Trichologist will be then be able to utilise this information and any other relevant tests deemed applicable to diagnose your condition and be able to offer you advice on what treatments are available for your specific condition and provide the outline of a personalised programme to suit your needs. The Trichologist will also be able to outline the costs of the various treatments for you following your consultation.

A common question is how much will it cost? To be honest, it’s difficult to give a broad brush answer to this question as the costs of treatments can vary vastly between patients, as each person is different and it will depend on the specific cause for each individual. This is why we recommend that it‘s best you book a no obligation consultation with a Trichologist to look at your particular problem and diagnose it properly, they can then let you know the cost of any treatment accurately. The cost for this initial consultation is $35 and you are under no obligation to go ahead with any treatment suggested.

If you would like to find out more about Clive Hair Clinic’s Personalised Programmes, contact us or book a consultation online.