Alopecia Areata (Patchy Baldness)

The third common type of hair loss that can affect women, men and children is Alopecia Areata (hair loss in circular patches). This is considered to be an Autonomic Nervous System disorder and can be triggered by many varied factors but is usually associated with stress. If left untreated some forms of Alopecia can cause permanent hair loss, so if you are concerned about your hair loss we recommend that you book a consultation with a Trichologist to obtain a professional diagnosis and treatment.

The alopecia disorder often runs in families and may be an inherited inability to uplift specific amino acids from the diet when under stress. Most commonly a few patches (approximately 4cm diameter) of baldness rapidly occur, sometimes overlapping, sometimes in completely different areas.

It is more common in dark haired people, but is equally distributed in all races, affecting children and younger people more severely. There is no related illness and seldom any other noticeable signs or symptoms, although some clients notice a slight itching in a patch that is just starting to lose hair. Often there is a ‘portwine stain’ noticed just inside the hair line at the nape of the neck.
Steroids both externally applied and/or injected into the patches will sometimes release hair growth, but the hair often falls out again when the therapy is discontinued. Clive Clinics does not undertake this form of treatment as it is felt the steroids may take over from white corpuscles that are attacking the hair roots on (misguided) instructions from the defence mechanisms involved in the Autonomic Nervous System. Instead we recommend alternative therapy’s including the missing Amino Acid L. Tyrosine along with stimulation which is often successful. The positive aspect of this problem is the hair normally fully recovers once the stress is overcome.