Excessive or Diffuse Hair Loss

Before   15 Months Later
Before & 15 Months Later

Most people with diffuse hair loss fear baldness, but although the hair thins, it is normally replaced. If your rate of hair loss increases suddenly the cause would have occurred about three months beforehand. For example, the birth of your baby in April could cause hair loss in July. Having a fever in May could cause hair loss in August. In most cases, the loss will correct itself shortly after the cause of the problem is rectified.

Diffuse hair loss of more than four months may indicate you have a medical or nutritional problem. Three common medical causes of diffuse hair loss include anaemia, thyroid imbalance and sugar imbalances such as hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) or diabetes (high blood sugar). A hair mineral analysis can often give clues to internal disorders or an unbalanced diet that may be the cause of your hair loss.

If the loss does not rectify itself within a three month period there could be genetic factors involved which could result in permanent hair loss if left untreated therefore we would recommend that you come in for a personal consultation so that you can get a diagnosis and ensure that you get the right treatment for your specific condition.

Some examples of temporary self-correcting diffuse loss are:

  • Crash Dieting
    This often leads to temporary diffuse hair loss. The main point is not which diet is followed, but how quickly the weight is lost. Rapid weight loss invariably leads to temporary hair loss as your body’s nutrients disregard non-essential cells like hair roots. After a two to four month resting period, the hair falls out, long after the ‘fad’ diet is forgotten.
  • Shampooing
    Shampooing with normal/quality products will not affect the number of hairs falling out or cause baldness. Ironically if you shampoo less often (because you think a lot of hair comes out when you do) then you will have amassed more hairs due to fall and it will look like a tremendous loss of hair. The best answer may be to wash it more often. This will also keep the scalp cleaner and decrease scalp oils, perspiration and any hormones that could affect the hair.
  • Hairdressing Services
    Perming, tinting or bleaching the hair may break or split hairs if incorrectly applied, but will not cause loss unless they burn or irritate your scalp. Some clients believe short cut hair reduces the rate of hair loss – it does not. Neither will shaving the head make any difference. You will just see less hair falling out.

If the cause of your hair loss is indeed temporary and your hair starts to regrow naturally but you wish it to do so faster we recommend our topical Kankho stimulant treatments. These are available in varying strengths at our online store.