Hair Loss Demystified

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There are a great number of myths and misconceptions about hair loss in men and women. The most common hair problems, representing over 75% of enquiries at our Clinics are Genetic Thinning, Diffuse Loss and Alopecia. Hopefully this online information will explain these disorders and what can and cannot be done for them. We would recommend that if you are suffering from any of the signs or symptoms discussed that you book a consultation with a Trichologist to help you to correctly diagnose your condition. The consultation is no obligation and it is entirely your choice if you wish to continue with the course of treatment that the Trichologist recommends.

Genetic Thinning

A time triggered inherited genetic predisposition towards baldness; this is where the hair growing structures on the top/front of the scalp can be detrimentally influenced by sex hormones causing the hair follicles to genetically shrink in size. Although commonly associated with men’s hair loss it is also a common cause of women’s hair loss. Often the causes are multiple and can be compounded by other disorders. The earlier you seek treatment the better the results. Visit a Clive Clinic’s Trichologist to get a personal consultation and assessment of your condition.

Inheritable in males from either parent; in females it is believed from both parents. After puberty, men’s hair can start to thin, depending on their inherited characteristics. Thinning of this hair can indicate either a genetic message and/or a sex hormone imbalance. Often the causes are multiple and can be compounded by other disorders. A qualified Clive Clinic’s Trichologist will be able to correctly diagnose your condition and assist you to create a customised solution to your specific problem or problems.

Other Causes of Hair Loss:

  • Imbalances of nutrients available to the hair roots – either through poor diet, malabsorption or maldistribution. Often high levels of toxins accumulate at the hair roots, worsening the thinning. We recommend a personal consultation and a full hair mineral analysis test in order to provide a customised programme of treatment designed for you personally.
  • Stress (mental, dietary or physical) in men and women can stimulate testosterone production, mainly from the adrenal (stress) glands. You should monitor stress levels or ask a Trichologist for help in assisting your body to deal with stress. In general, anything unusual experienced by the body causes stress – this can be either an unpleasant or pleasant experience.
  • Scalp disorders can also cause hair loss either directly or indirectly
  • Tension of the skin in the crownal area causes a decreased blood supply which can produce weak hairs. Although massage or topical vasco-dilatory treatment containing the drug minoxidil can benefit circulation by carrying more oxygen and nutrients to the hair roots beware, the extra blood will also carry more hormones which could trigger more baldness.

At Clive Clinics we can customise a non-drug course of treatment without the possible nasty side effects of prescription drug therapies for hair loss. Our treatments work on fighting both the genetic and external factors that cause hair loss and baldness as well as helping stimulate hair growth and improve the circulation to the affected area. Talk to a Clive Hair Clinic’s Trichologist today to find out how we can assist you.

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